Our Mission

We are developing innovative technologies and providing novel therapies for the treatment of diseases in pets, with special focus in neurosurgery.
Business Objectives

  • Marketing and distribution of the first cervical artificial disc for dogs: “Adamo Spinal Disc®”. This is the company’s flagship product.
  • Research and Developing: investing in other people novel ideas in the veterinary market.
  • Developing Collaborative Entrepreneurship: building a team of collaborators developing and protecting ideas by turning them into patents.

Company Organization
Board Director:

Filippo Adamo,
DVM, DECVN (Neurology)
Founder and CEO
E-mail: fadamo@appliedvt.com
Board of Advisers:
  • Marco Sacco
  • Brian Hynes
  • Christina Sutu
  • Shelly Parker
Marketing Director
  • Marco Sacco
  • Jon Kanter, CPA
  • Shelly Parker Book Keeper
  • Georgiy L. Khayet,
    Registered Patent Attorney
  • Preeti Zalavadia
Event Coordinator
  • Nancy Kroll
Web Outsourcing

In 2003, Dr. Adamo designed the first cervical artificial disc for dogs, which was biomechanically tested at the laboratory of the Human Hospital of the University of Wisconsin.

Lastest Certified Veterinarians

Dr. Joy Delameide

Dr. Joy Delameide

, DVM, Dipl. ACVIM (Neurology)

Veterinary Specialty Hospital
10435 Sorrento Valley Road
San Diego, CA 92121

Dr. Alireza Gorgi

Dr. Alireza Gorgi

DVM, DACVIM (Neurology)

VCA All-Care Animal Referral Center
18440 Amistad Street, Suite E
Fountain Valley CA 92708

Dr. Steve B. Lane

Dr. Steve B. Lane

DVM (Diplomate ACVIM)(Neurology)

Rocky Mountain Veterinary Nuerology
3550 South Jason Street
Englewood, CO 80110

Dr. Jason King

Dr. Jason King

DVM, DACVIM/Neurology

Live Oak Veterinary Clinic
335 Stephenson Ave Savannah, GA 31405

Dr. Andrea Sangster

Dr. Andrea Sangster

DVM, DACVIM/Neurology

VCA Advanced Veterinary Care Center
7712 Crosspoint Commons
Fishers, IN 46038

Dr. Filippo Adamo

Veterinarian, Founder, Father

Applied Veterinary Technology, LLC was founded with the idea of creating a company to address many of the still unsolved medical and surgical conditions in veterinary medicine, with particular emphasis to neurosurgical diseases, and to other diseases that do not attract the investor’s interest.

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3rd Cervical Disc Arthroplasty (CDA), Las Vegas, NV
2nd Cervical Disc Arthroplasty (CDA), Las Vegas, NV
Surgery Course for Cervical Disc Artroplasty, Las Vegas, NV

Since 2003, Dr. Adamo dedicated his time and his personal finances to this project. He designed the first cervical artificial disc for dogs, which was biomechanically tested at the laboratory of the Human Hospital of the University of Wisconsin. These results were the pre-requisite to start a pilot clinical study to test the safety and the efficacy of this implant in dogs affected by “disc associated wobbler syndrome”. Two dogs affected by this disease were than treated with cervical disc arthroplasty and followed to 3 years after surgery. In both dogs the disc implant successfully restored a “normal neurological status”, and a second MRI repeated 2 years after the disc implantation showed no complication with the implant. (Study published in JAVMA 2011). The 2011 was the start of a new era for the cure of disc associated wobbler syndrome in dogs. At this time, more than 40 patients/year, affected by disc associated wobbler syndrome at one, and multiple disc sites, are treated with cervical disc replacement and all with excellent results.


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