dog xrays


We are developing innovative technologies and providing novel therapies for the treatment of diseases in pets, with special focus in neurosurgery.

Company Business:
  • Marketing and distribution of the first cervical artificial disc for dogs: “Adamo Spinal Disc®”. This is the company’s flagship product.
  • Research and Developing: investing in other people novel ideas in the veterinary market.
  • Developing Collaborative Entrepreneurship: building a team of collaborators developing and protecting ideas by turning them into patents.
Company Organization:
Board of Director
Filippo Adamo, DVM, DECVN (Neurology)
Founder and CEO

Board of Advisers:
  • Marco Sacco
  • Brian Hynes
  • Christina Sutu
  • Shelly Parker
Marketing Director
  • Marco Sacco
  • Jon Kanter, CPA
  • Shelly Parker Book Keeper
  • Georgiy L. Khayet, Registered Patent Attorney
  • Preeti Zalavadia
Administration Event Coordinator
  • Nancy Kroll
Web Outsourcing